The Heidi’s Hounds Series

Heidi, a sturdy, seven year old, loved her home in the town of Cumberland Maine. Summer was near and she looked forward to all that it would bring. However, her plans hit a massive thorny thicket when her dad received good news. Heidi had to adjust to a new life. She's rescued by a new friend and in turn does some rescuing of her own. You'll find Heidi lovable - I know I did. ~ Carey

Book 1: The Sick Puppy  (Available Now)
Book 2: Heidi and the Three Bullies
Book 3: What’s Wrong with Mato?
Book 4: From Darkness to Sunshine
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Kaitlins Mooring

New Novel

Author Carey V. Azzara’s new novel, Kaitlin’s Mooring, appears to be his most emotional and popular offering yet. Hits Bookstores This Summer With East Coast Tour. Available in hard cover, paperback and Kindle. Published by Glass Spider Publishing

The story begins as college student Kaitlin Deveau leaves Boston University in a hurry when Henry, her grandfather, calls from Maine with devastating news. Bereft of hope, Kaitlin’s son, Christopher, becomes a life preserver, keeping the family buoyant.

Henry, now Chris’s only male role model, teaches him lessons he uses throughout life. In the end, Chris and his adopted sister, Susan, must save their parents from the fate that took his grandparents—but the outcome is uncertain.

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Quite an enthralling, heartfelt multi-generational tale… not only are the characters realistic and relatable, but you can taste the salt air and hear the crashing waves as you follow, is it four generations of lobstermen (and women). It all fits together into a splendid whole. My only complaint is that the book ends.


Kaitlin’s Mooring is a lovely story. The second chapter is where the action begins, though, so be patient with the first. It’s more of a novella than a novel, so character development and, with some wonderful exceptions, setting, are abbreviated to fit within the chosen format. It’s a quick read and may be appropriate as a Young Adult novel. While reading, I kept thinking it would make a good screenplay or

Chris Sage

This beautifully rendered novel takes us on a journey with five generations of a family and their love, loss, secrets, responsibilities and still, awash with hope and determination. Azzara know when and how to write in rich specific detail, some of which we suspect are inspired by the author’s own experiences.


The story ‘A Secret Tunnel’ is a special one for me as it is one of the first novellas I wrote and published.

If you would like to have a copy of it, simply provide me your email address and I will be happy to email you the full story.

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Halley’s Gift, And Eight Other Extraordinary Tales

First and Second Editions

Halley’s Gift explores the lives of extraordinary fictional characters, and through the stories you will have the opportunity to meet these unique people.

Halley's Gift explores the lives of extraordinary fictional characters and through the stories you will have the opportunity to meet these unique people. Here are some of the characters you'll read about: Halley a fifteen year old girl struggles with how to use her powers or whether she even truly has the gift her spirit guide believes she’s obligated to develop.

Commander Hadley has extraordinary flying skills, but will discover what is truly most important when he faces death. A con artist, Jack lives a flawed life, but he manages to be a hero and be true to himself. An ex-con as Leslie learns must overcome odds stacked high against her; one simple act of kindness creates a friend that helps. Mother of two, Kelly will break the law, but you judge for yourself whether justice is served. Her testimony puts her in the witness protection program. Elysha is brash and brave. She does the right thing, but her reward is an unexpected one.

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Halley’s Gila (Hee-luh) Wilderness

Coming in 2020

Book One — The Adventure Begins

Over the next couple of days, Halley ponders the mystifying events in the Gila Wilderness. She met an interesting older man, an Apache elder Two Wolves, who assigns himself the title spirit guide on her behalf. Later: Amazement, joy, and disbelief meld, but more than that, Halley has the look of knowing.

Book Two — The Rescue

With her new found powers Halley performs a rescue no one else could. But there are more to come, watch for the roadrunner.

Book Three — The Forces of Darkness

Greed and the lust for luxury threatens the Gila Wilderness. Developers eye the wilderness for a take over, one piece at a time. It will take all of Halley’s efforts, Two Wolves’ cunning, and some extra help if they are to stop them.

The Lottery Curse

#1 Hot New Release on Amazon!

Author Carey Azzara’s 3rd book stories present conundrums of wealth dreamers who discover a hellish side to their windfall, facing the long odds of finding happiness after the big win.

Winning the lottery may seem like a blessing, but when millions are suddenly yours, it can be a curse.

Book One — Winner-Cheater-Murderer

Brandi and Myles step into a life few ever know, but Brandi is ill prepared for the transformation and the depths of her depravity. Myles drawn into wantonness finds his fate is a bitter one; he’s on trial for an atrocious crime. Yet, he discovers a strength he didn’t know he possessed.

Book Two — A Broken Heart

Natalie grieves her husband and is shocked when his will requires she buy lottery tickets or lose her inheritance. Later, it’s as if he has a hand in her lottery win from the grave. She protects her children from the lottery’s vagaries, leaves a legacy, but a trust betrayed leads to rage.

Book Three — Peter’s Poison Powerball

Toll taker Peter Kirby wins the largest Powerball on record and is plunged into a world he doesn’t understand. His fight to belong proves maddening. Turning attention to a niece, he creates pain and catastrophe and learns forgiveness is a rare commodity.

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Uncommon Heroes and Cars

There can never be enough written about heroic acts and heroic people, we all need the inspiration they give us.

This book is a small contribution to help fill that need. Most of the stories are fiction, but the characters, dogs, and cars were largely informed by those I've known or admired.

In these pages you will find adventures, mysteries, and people from many walks of life. In some stories, people are the heroes with cars playing a supporting role, in others animals take on the heroic role.

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