The Heidi’s Hounds Series

Meet Heidi: a seven-year-old girl who loves her parents and her home in Cumberland, Maine. But her life is about to change in ways she could not imagine. Heidi’s Hounds is an entertaining book series filled with adventure, exploration, and overcoming difficulties. Read along as Heidi meets life’s challenges with the help of the people—and the animals—in her life.

Heidi, a sturdy, seven year old, loved her home in the town of Cumberland Maine. Summer was near and she looked forward to all that it would bring. However, her plans hit a massive thorny thicket when her dad received good news. Heidi had to adjust to a new life. She's rescued by a new friend and in turn does some rescuing of her own. You'll find Heidi lovable - I know I did. ~ Carey

Book 1: The Sick Puppy  (On bookshelves Fall 2019)

  • Book 2: Heidi and the Three Bullies
  • Book 3: What’s Wrong with Mato
  • Book 4: From Darkness to Sunshine
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Ready or Not Here We Come

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This is a simple story that was derived from the love I have for my granddaughter and the dogs I have known. I hope the combination brings joy to your little ones. ~ Carey

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