Halley’s Gift explores the lives of extraordinary fictional characters, and through the stories you will have the opportunity to meet these unique people.

Explore the lives of extraordinary characters with unique stories. Halley struggles with her amazing yet frightening gift. Barnstormer Commander Hadley takes chances that end his marriage. Boy genius William learns to harness his intellect. Con artist Jack becomes a hero in spite of himself. Leslie must overcome odds stacked high against her. Kelly breaks the law; is justice served? Elysha has a heart bounding adventure when she steps up to do the right thing. What are your extraordinary talents?

Carey V. Azzara is no stranger to twists and turns, overcoming challenges en route to obtaining two graduate degrees and establishing successful careers in public health and market research, while raising a family and rescuing a few dogs. He has published articles, short stories, and novels, writing for the joy of sharing his tales with his readers.

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Eric Mondschein

I love a good short story as it gives me an opportunity during the day to take a break a read an entire tale to conclusion. I have found some really great compilations of late and a few bad ones. This is one of the really good ones.


As entertaining as it can be to read fiction about ordinary people like you and me, where would we be without fairy tales and other stories about characters whose lives reflect a kind of “above and beyond” factor? Fascination, encouragement, and even enlightenment follow when we read about those, perhaps, whom we wish we could be, even for a short time.

Jeanne Willson

Halley’s Gift And Eight Other Extraordinary Tales gives you the opportunity to dive into the lives of interesting people and their stories; each tale has its own pleasant flow.