How I got started Writing Fiction

By November 28, 2018blog

It all started with a few short stories about cars. I had read research that showed you could enhance your e-Bay auctions by writing a story about the item you were selling, with out going into too much detail., it seemed worth a try. So I wrote fictional stories about each car. What happened? Each auction [I’d sold cars this way before] was better attended than any I’d seen, in the past. Not sure if the stories helped sell the cars [two sold the third one did not], but I did have a lot of activity, over 1,500 people came to one of the auctions. After that I decided to write about more cars current and past. My kids told me to put all the stories in a collection and publish it. I thought, “No, I’m not a writer.”
But they insisted, I guess they knew retirement was around the corner and that they better find something for me to do. They won’t admit it, but that’s what I think. Anyway, I gave in, but I didn’t have enough stories. So I wrote about a couple of dogs, and cats, and soldiers, an idea from reading about the wounded warrior project.

From there the book took on a life of its own. Before I knew it I had write over twenty-six stories. After a rewrite of some of the material and a culling down of the stories, taking what I thought were the best, I selected twenty-one and Uncommon Heroes and Cars was born.

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