Author Carey V. Azzara’s new novel, Kaitlin’s Mooring, appears to be his most emotional and popular offering yet. Hits Bookstores This Summer With East Coast Tour.

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Nothing is more horrific than losing a child, nothing more joyous than the birth of one. When grief intertwines with joy, it throws the Deveau family into turmoil.

Pregnant twenty-year-old Kaitlin Deveau leaves Boston University in a hurry when Henry, her grandfather, calls from Maine with devastating news. Bereft of hope, Kaitlin’s son, Christopher, becomes a life preserver, keeping the family buoyant. Henry, now Chris’s only male role model, teaches him lessons he uses throughout life. In the end, Chris and his adopted sister, Susan, must save their parents from the fate that took his grandparents—but the outcome is uncertain.

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Quite an enthralling, heartfelt multi-generational tale… not only are the characters realistic and relatable, but you can taste the salt air and hear the crashing waves as you follow, is it four generations of lobstermen (and women). It all fits together into a splendid whole. My only complaint is that the book ends.


Kaitlin’s Mooring is a lovely story. The second chapter is where the action begins, though, so be patient with the first. It’s more of a novella than a novel, so character development and, with some wonderful exceptions, setting, are abbreviated to fit within the chosen format. It’s a quick read and may be appropriate as a Young Adult novel. While reading, I kept thinking it would make a good screenplay or

Chris Sage

This beautifully rendered novel takes us on a journey with five generations of a family and their love, loss, secrets, responsibilities and still, awash with hope and determination. Azzara know when and how to write in rich specific detail, some of which we suspect are inspired by the author’s own experiences.