Lessons from the Launch of Kaitlin’s Mooring

By October 16, 2018blog

In the past, that is, when I published my previous three books, I didn’t understand the value of a good old fashion book launch. I had done it all online as virtual-launches. This was different. And while exhausting to pull off it was a great experience, one that is still paying dividends. Two ingredients really helped, my publicist and pizza, I’ll explain.

But first I had to find a venue. I am grateful to the New England Mobile Book Fair for providing the space and helping with the promotion. Their book store is bright, air and welcoming. Perfect for the kind of event we were planning.

Next, getting the word out is obviously important and that’s where Ms. Perry came into focus, with outreach, ideas, posters designs and announcements in prestigious places like the local Newton/Needham Regional Chamber of Commerce. A good deal of shoe leather was used, passing out posters to willing and even cheerful retailers who displayed the event posters, all fifty of them.

Then we had the two terrific ideas. Let’s have pizza and music! So we did.  A three-piece group, musician who came together for the event, Julia, Jason, and Ken were a big hit. They added a party atmosphere that went well with the Anthony’s coal fired pizza, as their slogan says, It’s Pizza Well Done!

With the help of friends and my wife’s photographic talent all the pieces came together. One ingredient you cannot plan for is the kind of audience you’ll have. I was lucky. The people who attended were curious, attentive, and full of great questions. Which made my job of introducing Kaitlin’s Mooring, reading a bit from Chapter Two, and then taking their questions easy.

To all who helped, attended, and bought books, thank you.

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