For Immediate Release

July 27, 2018

Author Carey V. Azzara’s New Novel Kaitlyn’s Mooring
Hits Bookstores with an East Coast Tour

Author Carey V. Azzara’s new novel, Kaitlin’s Mooring, appears to be his most emotional and popular offering yet.

The story begins as college student Kaitlin Deveau leaves Boston University in a hurry when Henry, her grandfather, calls from Maine with devastating news. Bereft of hope, Kaitlin’s son, Christopher, becomes a life preserver, keeping the family buoyant. Henry, now Chris’s only male
role model, teaches him lessons he uses throughout life. In the end, Chris and his adopted sister,Susan, must save their parents from the fate that took his grandparents—but the outcome is uncertain.

Review: “I was delighted with your story. I found the characters, at their essence, touching and warm, and I rooted for them when I should. I think readers will love the family.”