There can never be enough written about heroic acts and heroic people, we all need the inspiration they give us. This book is a small contribution to help fill that need. Most of the stories are fiction, but the characters, dogs, and cars were largely informed by those I've known or admired. In these pages you will find adventures, mysteries, and people from many walks of life. In some stories, people are the heroes with cars playing a supporting role, in others animals take on the heroic role. The stories include gear heads, detectives, firefighters, soldiers, fathers, kids, dogs, cats, and of course cars. Each story is a snapshot of heroic acts some small, others large. Real heroes walk among us who often go unnoticed. They shun the bright lights of praise, doing the things they do for the sake of doing good works. My hope is that after reading this collection of stories you will be inspired to perform acts of kindness and that those who receive your kindness will pay it forward.

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Who doesn’t love to be inspired in some form or another? Inspiration spurs us on to better things, to greater achievements, and to improved relations with others. A daily dose of inspiration is always something that I am looking for and found a fantastic source of it in Carey Azzara’s “Uncommon Heroes and Cars”. This collection of short stories are sure to light anyone’s imagination as well as serve as inspirational food for the soul. And if you like cars, as I do, you are in for a treat. Many of these stories incorporate some cool automobiles into their story-lines, from a ’51 Comet to a Shelby Cobra, these delightful add-ons are not to be missed. Great stuff here.


The book summary appealed to me and glad I was able to review this one. WOW. So much in so few words.
Many stories about heroes from everyday life experiences. Felt a common goal with many of them and the ones that appealed to me the most were the car ones. My brother still today works on foreign cars and growing up with boys in the family somebody was always working on cars, my husband included.

M. M. Weiss

I so enjoyed this compilation of short, smart stories. I especially enjoyed the characters and the cars – as I too am a car lover. Fun book to take along on vacation. Unfortunately, I was snow bound at home, but was glad I had this group of stories to entertain me.