What Inspired Kaitlin’s Mooring, is it a true story?

By October 2, 2018blog

The short answer is no. However, a cornel of the story was inspired by a story a young woman told me while I was attending and lecturing at an author conference in Maine. The woman told us over lunch that her son and his great grandfather, his only male role model, had created a strong bond. She did not talk about why there was as two generation gap in her family, but she described in some detail the wonderful relationship her son had with his great grandfather.

It was both a heartbreaking and heartwarming tale. I tucked the idea away and later while sitting at my keyboard I started to fill in the reason for the generation gap and how a relationship between a great grandfather and his great grandson might unfold.

That was the easy part. It flowed from me like a spring after an April rain. But then the hard part – what else? So over the course of the next year or so the novel took shape. A first draft yielded the need for a new first chapter and an epilogue. Then a rewrite, editing, and more editing, working through a checklist I’ve adopt.

Of course that wasn’t the end of the process, next came professional editing by the publisher, followed by proofreading. When the proof copy [an advanced printed copy sent to the publisher and me for a final review yielded 22 more corrections.

Done. Now all I had to do now was sell my novel – that and work on the next project, fortunately I had three or four projects in the queue so the hard part was deciding which one to tackle next – you’ll have to wait to find out the answer

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